Meet CeDany & Her Books Journey!


Born in the 60s, she began reading before writing. However, the latter followed sooner rather than later. Her father was her biggest influence. A rock of a man, who was gentle and dedicated to his daughter, with a sarcastic sense of humour and a story-telling-style which influenced her writings throughout a decade.


She read and researched all she could from the films and television series she watched with her father. A passion for the supernatural as well as Vampires and Witches blended within the style of the time, namely space exploration (Star Trek), a Japanese Animé series about a Faery/Witch and the countless films from Hammer Film Production featuring the Legendary Christopher Lee as Count Dracula.


It culminated with a book (A Friend of the Family - Fred Saberhagen) and the best romantic Vampire of all on film (Dracula 1979 - Frank Langella). A decision was made... Someday soon, she would write about their Origins. She did, The WynderMyre Memoirs are unlike any supernatural stories. You'll have to read them...


She's happily married for over 30+years with two children (son passed away in 2017) along with a sassy cat named after a character in Charlaine Harris, The Southern Vampire Mystery Series and living by The Beautiful Clyde River in Scotland.